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2015-07-30 02:22 IDUSC 

    Many candidates have sent us for verification copies of the admission notice supposedly issued by the University.

Hereby it is reiterated that for the Autumn sesssion, any admission notice or JW202 without the following matched reference nubmer and passport number is absolutely a fake one.

The updates will come as soon as new admissions are approved.

International Department

updated on Sept 10,2015

the following has been scrutinized by the University and is to be approved by supervisory departments.

ref. no passport no.  jw202 no.
S2015090801 A04434335 jw14071226
S2015090802 A04243269 jw14071227
S2015090803 A04243341 jw14071228
S2015090804 A05387027 jw14071229
S2015090805 A05079978 jw14071230
S2015090806 CK1813191 jw14071231
S2015090807 P02198872 jw14071232
S2015090808 CB4914582 jw14071233
S2015090809 AJ1401032 jw14071234
S2015090810 KT9155511 jw14071235
S2015090811 P1061120 jw14071236
S2015090812 G1033071 jw14071237
S2015090813 G0999590 jw14071238

the following has been issued to the applicants

reference number passport  number
S2015080101 KK3993091
S2015080102 AL1281942
S2015080103 P00457452
S2015080104 BT6901362
S2015080105 EC7797761
S2015080106 G0752833
S2015080107 A05070625
S2015080108 A 05697177
S2015080109 G0899871
S2015080110 A05901288
S2015080111 G0499842
S2015080112 PC228743
S2015080113 PC181254
S2015080114 PC212743
S2015080115 G0640108
S2015080116 C0507415
S2015080117 G0894299
S2015081001 08450249
S2015081002 08600162
S2015081003 08643986
S2015081004 08184341
S2015081005 08571266
S2015081006 09018257
S2015081007 08266375
S2015081008 08487464
S2015081009 08450262
S2015081010 A06126083
S2015081011 A04153395
S2015081012 A06286720
S2015081013 A05589046
S2015081014 A06690597
S2015081015 A06031008
S2015081016 A06286931
S2015081017 A03004854
S2015081018 G0232620
S2015081019 G0440407
S2015081020 ET492672

Ref. No Passport No.
S2015070101 G0128646
S2015070102 A2304240
S2015070103 CG4192541
S2015070104 0213955
S2015070105 KF1158792
S2015070106 G08600872
S2015070107 K6317167
S2015070108 G0840431
S2015070109 AA4920302
S2015070110 A04458958
S2015070111 A04371578
S2015070112 P00394191
S2015070113 ZN347235
S2015070114 A06342492
S2015070115 A06438969
S2015070116 G0820938
S2015070117 BS6975301
S2015070118 A06319397
S2015070119 A03080087
S2015070120 A04724927
S2015070121 A05616445
S2015070122 PC 228482
S2015070123 G0728082
S2015070124 A06599526
S2015070125 A06543564
S2015070126 G0262614
S2015070127 A06304176
S2015070128 A06211931
S2015070129 PC 229528
S2015070130 G0426545
S2015070131 G0477959
S2015070132 G0239813
S2015070133 G0339495
S2015070134 G0823799
S2015070135 G0926345
S2015070136 G0706515
S2015070137 G0952841
S2015070138 UE4128741
S2015070139 A06060916
S2015070140 G0485578
S2015070141 A06690597
S2015070142 A04148572
S2015070143 A03004854
S2015070144 PC 228037
S2015070145 G16132396
S2015070146 G0640108


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