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Requirements on Transfer
2015-09-06 07:30 idusc 

In line with the relevant regulations of the University, requirements for a transfer by the international students are as follows


Outward Transfer


1. Any application for outward transfer must be submitted first to the International College on weekdays from June 1 to June 20, or December 1 to December 20, of the year.

2. Any application for outward transfer shall not be dealt with involving unpaid dues or unsettled breach against the regulations of the University or the law of the Country.

3. All the dues covered are to be settled by term (semester) other than by month.


Inward Transfer


1. An NOC, along with the character certificate, is mandatory from the source institution of the same tier as University of South China.

2. The applicant must be either a freshman or a sophomore and with HSK-4 certificate when applying. 

3. The average score of the core courses must be above 70%.

4. An applicant in his or her foundation program should be no older than required by the Prospectus of the year.



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