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German professor lectures at USC
2015-09-09 01:09 idusc 

Dr. Holger Tietze-Jaensch, an expert in nuclear waste disposal from IEK-6,Julich, Germany, was invited to lecture in the University from August 27 to Sept 4.

Most of the lectures centered on neutron scattering and spallation, which were designated for the students and teachers from relevant schools. Two additional lectures, open to all, were "lessons learnt from Fukushima" and "radwaste management in Germany".

A member of German radwaste expert committee advising German Federal Ministry of Research && Education and an invited expert to radwaste advisory circles at IAEA, Euratom authority and European Commission, Dr. Tietze has been lecturing in Nuclear Energy and Safety as well as Neutron Physics in Germany, Poland, Italy, Japan.

Dr. Tietze is a guest professor of the University, and lectured at the University last year for the first time.



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